Portrait 360 by Gianluca Traina

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About 10 years ago, Gianluca Traina was a recently graduated fashion student working with some of the best in Italy. However, after feeling disillusioned with the fashion industry, he left the field, returned home, and took a painting class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. Gianluca began to find…


PORTRAIT 360 Attracted by the beauty of fabric construction and starting from the concept of warp and weft, I developed a system of representation of the image curious and innovative. I started to investigate the ways in which a sheet of paper can change according to the type of cutting and bending, and I have…

Portrait 360 – SCOPE MIAMI 2012

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《肖像360》意大利艺术家 gianluca traina 的扭曲

Portrait 360 《肖像360》意大利艺术家 gianluca traina 的扭曲   意大利艺术家 gianluca traina 的肖像画的概念–系列题为《肖像360》。该作品是一个探索的结果,是多个相平的,静态的,表面如纸和熟悉的人类身体的轮廓。这种创造效果—无法分辨的脸的扭曲,混淆性别和识别是为表达一种“没有身份”的思想的。     “一个雕塑的结果是彩色纸扭曲。代表当代人们在360的城市化,全球性的社会情感的扭曲。通过精心制作真实的表面,形状和颜色阐明一个明确的愿望,能激起观众通过一个视觉和触觉的经验,将知觉基于感官和文化对比。”

Human Default

Human Default Skin Dress of human body by Gianluca Traina Photomanipolation 2010

Portrait 360

Portrait 360 Attratto dalla bellezza della costruzione del tessuto e partendo dal concetto di trama e ordito, ho elaborato un sistema di rappresentazione dell’immagine curioso e innovativo. Ho iniziato ad indagare i modi in cui un foglio di carta può cambiare secondo il tipo di taglio e piegatura, e ho individuato nel sistema di tessitura…