MELVILLE, N.Y.—Marchon Eyewear hosted its Re-Visions of Art exhibit at its New York City showroom on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015. Over 150 attended, including VIP guests, Marchon employees and media representatives, all of whom gathered for an evening of art, cocktails, music and passed hors d’oeuvres.

Marchon collaborated with Samantha Toth and Kristina Bird of Innereactive Media located in Grand Rapids, Mich. to bring Re-Visions of Art to life. Re-Visions of Art is inspired by Art Prize, an independently organized international art competition and non-profit organization. Marchon and Innereactive Media joined forces to scout artists at the 2014 event who specialize in working with unique or recycled materials. The 2014 Art Prize featured 1,536 entries in 174 venues, and attracted 441,000+ visitors and gave away over $540,000 in prizes.

Innereactive Media and Marchon then commissioned seven selected artists, six domestic and one international, to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art utilizing eyewear, lenses, frame parts, cases and printed materials produced by Marchon. Each of the artists presented their piece of work during the Wednesday night cocktail party in the company’s NYC showroom and discussed their inspiration with guests. This creative corporate initiative brought a fresh perspective to the use of recyclable materials and inspired both artists and attendees to see eyewear differently, Marchon said.

“Re-Visions of Art came from one of many brainstorm meetings in regards to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), said Antonio Izzo, vice president of global marketing of Marchon Eyewear, “We wanted to take pieces of eyewear that would normally be thrown away or recycled and turn it into something beautiful. Approaching solutions creatively is key to problem solving.”

Following the introduction of Re-Visions of Art in New York, Marchon plans to expand the program internationally and collaborate with customers, charities and schools to work with established artists to create beautiful works of art in their community made of recycled eyewear materials.




The value of the digital image in the contemporary era is taking on characteristics of collective consciousness and social tool, revealing the tricks through the decomposition of the image the observer lives a memorable experience.

The eye is the natural tool used by the individual to observe the world and know the limits of space and time, simultaneously, the eye is a very powerful communication tool.

Starting from these two concepts I created “PRIVATE EYE” work of art made by a sequence of lenses placed on a 2D surface and inclined at 45 ° relative to the plane, each of the lenses is covered by a PVC film chromed. Subsequently, the lenses are colored on the back with thermofilm PVC. The colors follow a mapping established and the correct sequence composing the image of an wide open eye.

These color discs that extend from the substrate to be reflected on the front side of the work generate an optical effect curious and unusual. Optical effect that varies constantly: the position of the observer and the composition of the space where is displayed the work are the environmental variables that contaminate the work.

The desire to create a relationship between the visible image and the reconstructed perception is explicit, transporting the viewer to a level of consciousness of the medium more direct and active, causing surprise and confusion in an active game of observation and perception determined by the position of the same observer.






Lenses, Thermoadhesive cromed PVC, Thermoadhesive printed PVC, Plexiglass

Number of lenses: 578


142 x 142 x 10 cm

56 x 56 x 4 inch



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