My new “Samarkand” AI collection at New York AI Fashion Week

A unique opportunity for emerging AI fashion designers to showcase talents and creativity. So, get ready to be amazed and support me as we explore the infinite possibilities of AI.

Discover the entire collection by clicking on this link, and if you want it to be realized, remember to vote for me.


Human intelligence plus artificial intelligence, predictable and unpredictable results.
How an AI sees the human being.

Series Portrait 360°

Unusual Portraits Of Warp And Weft, Anonymous Story Of Contemporary Men

Portraits are 360° degrees views of humans social. Humans that share their own face, face that in Portrait360° is conceived with an unusual rotation of the face

Mosaics 360°

The mosaic that becomes a pixel, the pixel that becomes a photograph, a photograph that becomes a sculpture. Mosaic 360 ° is the contemporary human being, aware of his body, aware of his role; an aesthetic human being, narcissus, to follow and share.

Corpo 360°

Corpo 360 ° is an experience of discovery of the human body, free and incensurable, a way to tell the differences that make us unique and unrepeatable.

Our skin color includes an infinite “palette” of colors, and in Corpo 360 ° they are summarized in a few paintings but they maintain the goal of representing every individual on the planet.

Portrait 360° | MADE IN CHINA

A personal vision of what piqued my feelings in the first 6 weeks of residence in Beijing. Through the use of stereotypical images and universally recognizable I drew a line between decoration and human aesthetics.

Marchon | Re-Visions of Art | PRIVATE EYE

The value of the digital image in the contemporary era is taking on characteristics of collective consciousness and social tool, revealing the tricks through the decomposition of the image the observer lives a memorable experience.


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