Орёл и Решка. Шопинг (Палермо) |«Heads and Tails. Shopping» PALERMO

The most popular travelling TV-show «Heads and Tails», Russia and Ukraine, feature Portrait 360°. A new project «Heads and Tails. Shopping» telling a story about shopping all over the world.«Heads and Tails» audience is 10 million in Ukraine and 55 million in Russia. It is also run in Poland and Kazakistan. More over the TV-show has a Russian speaking audience on-line in more than 42 countries and 250 000 fans on facebook and vkontakte social networks (www.facebook.com/OrelReshka and vk.com/orelireshka).



Maria Ivakova + Portrait 360°

A special portrait to Maria Ivakova for the television broadcast “Орёл и решка, Oryol i Reshka, Heads and Tails” during the shooting in Sicily, from the series of artworks Portrait 360°